About us

Our company is engaged in the development, production and consulting about electric drives. Our goal is always to provide a comprehensive and effective solution for every customer. Long-term engine management experience guarantees a professional approach with important aspects centered on the quality and price of the final product.

Our team is constantly developing new components and is at the top of the latest trends in electromobility, industrial applications, stabilization, aviation, professional drones and military applications.

We can offer the most effective solutions for your applications. Only good communication with the customer is a guarantee for effective development. All of this requires the ability to combine engineering in many areas…

From end-stage design, to precision measuring analogue circuits with AD converters, DSP processors, FPGA gate arrays, programming and design of operating systems to design controllers through control theory. During development, we try to understand the physical nature of the problem and we constantly adapt the result to the fact that the steering and the machine together actually “cooperate”.

The result is the use of the drive to its maximum physical limits, whether it’s performance, extreme dynamics or smooth running.

We try to find a golden cut between the approaches and create the missing bridge between academic theory and industrial practice.