Our advanced Motor Controllers for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), Brushless DC Electric Motors (BLDC) and IPM Motors have been designed to cater to a growing variety of e-mobility applications to be used on land, sea and in the air.

The SiliXcon Motor Controllers provide an elevated user experience, combining exceptional performance with unmatched smoothness and controllability. We’ve dedicated our unique engineering expertise to meet the most demanding power and safety standards across various e-mobility sectors.

25kW Motor Controller_SL Series

The highest power output, wide range of setup possibilities and automotive-grade enclosure housing make this Motor Controller stand out from the crowd.

38 kW/l
500 A
84 V
1250 g
SX Controller Series

Suitable for automotive, marine, aerospace, automotive and other applications with the main focus on the high-series production.

30 kW/l
350 A
76 V
700 g
SC Controllers Series

Our best achieved power density makes this Motor Controller great match for the projects with the tightest space constraints.

45 kW/l
350 A
84 V
550 g
AX Controllers Series

Our most compact Motor Controller offering the full versatility while keeping the weight as low as possible.

28 kW/l
70 A
60 V
150 g

Custom solutions

If the standard product does not match all your requirements, we are always ready to design a solution tailored to your project. We are able to change size, shape, power, voltage, amperage, connectors and other main technical features according to your needs.