AX Controllers Series

3 kW Motor Controller

siliXcon 3kW Motor Controller – the AX Series bringing the top of the range features originating from innovative approach, versatility, and lightweight design. Our engineers have worked hard to create the most compact motor controller in the SiliXcon range, ensuring that you experience the full spectrum of control capabilities without compromising on weight.

up to 3 kW
nominal power with steady 60°C at the heatsink
up to 60 V
50 A rms( 100 A peak )
150 g


Our advanced Motor Controllers for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), Brushless DC Electric Motors (BLDC) and IPM Motors have been designed to cater to a growing variety of e-mobility applications to be used on land, sea and in the air.

The siliXcon Motor Controllers provide an elevated user experience, combining exceptional performance with unmatched smoothness and controllability. We’ve dedicated our unique engineering expertise to meet the most demanging power and safety standards across various e-mobility sectors.

Electric Vehicles

AX Controller Series


Our most compact Motor Controller offering the full versatility while keeping the weight as low as possible.


zero ramping, quick command reaction, ability to anticipate

Rugged design

almost impossible to damage

Sensorless mode

with full torque right from 
the startup

Sensor-sensorless modes

combinations both for BLDC and FOC control methods

Vehicle Control Unit

connectivity, enough computing capacity, modularity

Unique Telemetry

precise measurement methods, powerful R&D tools


complex platforms, easy to update (FW), easy to customise (HW)

All types of motors

BLDC/PMSM - radial+axial flux, IPM, reluctance, asynchronous etc.

Easy deployment

powerful SW Tools to help with the final integration

  • Compact design
  • Durable aluminium housing
  • Output peak phase current up to 70 Arms
  • Advanced technology and efficient heat dissipation maintain compact control unit dimensions
  • A fast control loop ensures precise current control and rapid response to control signal changes
  • Robust protection against overcurrent and overheating with precise control of phase current and temperature at critical points
  • Integration of a high-performance microprocessor enables direct implementation of vehicle control functions, saving installation space and reducing end-application costs
  • Option “a” – a – hall, analog (sin-cos)
  • Option “r” – resolver
  • Option “d” – digital (SSI, BiSS, incremental encoder)
  • 2x General input
  • 2x Isolated digital input
  • 2x Non- isolated digital input
  • 2x Output low side switch with PWM
  • 1x Motor temperature sensor input
  • 1x Motor position sensor input


  • Signals & communication: Molex iGrid
  • Battery: XT60
  • Motor: MR60
  • 1x Isolated CAN
  • 1x Isolated UART
  • USB programming interface

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Controller Firmware

Firmware for siliXcon motor controllers consist of two major part:

  • Motor control algorithm
  • Application

The application is responsible for the whole system behaviour. It transfers inputs to outputs.

The algorithm is responsible for controlling the motor. Protecting the motor, battery, and the controller.

The application and the algorithm is hardware independent. This mean, you can scale your a project without any problem.

Custom Application

It is not possible to have controller with behaviour, that suit to all use-cases. This is why we can provide you completely custom solution.


All controllers support our scripting language. Using these script you can customise existing application or write your own from ground up.


  • Ophion is an FW application designed for generic usage with electric motor drives.
  • It can be used in a wide range of applications from a very simple pump control to a complex position servo drive.
  • It is an HW-independent application that can be uploaded to the whole siliXcon’s controllers portfolio.
  • It has several predefined control modes which cover a lot of field of operation, which allows very fast deployment.
  • Ophion can also exploit all available motor control modes to enhance its potential even more.


  • LYNX is a universal control system offering off-the-shelf complete solutions for traction systems.
  • It has several configurable logical inputs, which can be used for gathering data from external components (throttle, brake, pas, switches, etc). These signals are processed inside the system and define how the motor reacts, according to the parametrisation of the LYNX.
  • This approach can eliminate a need for a VCU (vehicle control unit) – controller with this FW is capable to process most of the needed signals.
  • It is an HW-independent application that can be uploaded to the whole siliXcon’s controllers portfolio.

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