SWTools is a stand-alone, free of charge set of programs, deigned for managing any siliXcon device.

It is possible to connect a siliXcon device to the host PC using several communication interfaces (CAN, USB, serial).

SWtools are typically used for

  • changing and tuning of all the parameters in real-time
  • visualization of all the state variables in a real-time plot
  • saving/uploading configuration/measurements to/from the host PC
  • remote management (upgrading of the firmware) with a versioning system
  • programming of a custom functionality (scripting)
  • hosting custom GUI with Python plugins
  • custom EOL (end-of-line) configuration




  • Service tools: CLI for fast and effective set-up, GUI for easy set-up, Real-time graph for plotting and visualization
  • Firmware update and remote management tool

Latest stable SWTools

Product Information


  • GUI for setting up siliXcon devices
  • Easy to use


  • Comand line program
  • For advanced usage

upgrade / srm

  • For firmware upgrade
  • Whole communication is encrypted from our servers to your siliXcon device


  • Tool for showing variables in plot(s)
  • Can record data to .csv


  • CLI for production automatization

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