Documentation Portal: Potential of Motor Controllers unleashed

siliXcon’s documentation goes far beyond basic setup instructions. The website is full of information, offering in-depth resources for hardware, firmware and software.

Welcome to siliXcon Developers: Your One-Stop Documentation Hub

We are excited to introduce our new documentation portal, siliXcon Developers – a central place where you can find all the documentation for our products. This portal is designed to provide useful information and enable you to utilise our technologies as efficiently as possible. It is intended for all users of siliXcon products – from end-users to developers integrating our technologies into their own solutions.

siliXcon provides a suite of application-specific tools for configuration, diagnostics, and optimization, enabling users to fine-tune their motor control systems for maximum performance. It also enables users to measure system performance, create custom configurators and GUIs, upgrade or downgrade firmware, and connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

The FAQ section contains answers to frequently asked questions, saving you time when searching for information.

  • What is the controller?
  • What is the difference between iref & ipeak?
  • Will controllers work with more than 20S Li-ion battery?
  • Why do I get “Could not discover any node(s)”?

We hope that the new siliXcon Documentation Portal provides you with all the necessary information and support for effectively using our products.

Provide you with all the necessary information

The main goal of our portal is to provide you with all the necessary information about our products, explain their functions, and show you how to set them up correctly. We aim to make this portal intuitive and easy to use, so you can quickly access the information you need. The portal is freely accessible to all users.

To ensure you have the best user experience, we continuously work on expanding and improving the content of our documentation. We plan to add interactive tutorials and configurators for our products, making it even easier for you to work with our technologies.

Tailored for Perfection

What sets siliXcon apart is our exceptional attention to detail and deep understanding of the unique requirements of the e-mobility sector. We offer a comprehensive range of brushless motor controllers that are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of every application, whether it’s a high-performance electric vehicle, an innovative electric aircraft, or state-of-the-art marine transport. Our solutions are engineered to deliver uncompromising quality and precise control.

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