Senior Software / full-stack developer

This position is tailored for experienced developers, who need to see the results of their work right away. No corporate approval process, no bullshit around, we go straight to the point.

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SiliXcon is a young and agile technology company engaged in the development and production of top-notch electric drives. We are looking for a senior software developer, who will maintain/develop the production support toolset as well as the internal database system.

What do we expect:

  • General knowledge of high-level programming languages: Python, Golang, Javascript, …
  • General knowledge of the databases: MongoDB, S3storage, SQL, …
  • Maintenance and development of the siliXcon IS stack, creating new endpoints, …
  • Maintenance of the cloud servers hosting the system
  • Team play and communication skills ?

What we would love to have as well:

  • Overtake and expand the architecture of the system: collect requirements across the team and transform them into the system features.
  • Maintenance and development of the siliXcon production toolset in Python.

What do we get from you:

  • Proactively maintain /expand the siliXcon database system to meet the rapidly growing company requirements.
  • Create API and endpoints for 3rd system connections (such as ERP).
  • Maintain the siliXcon production support in Python.
  • A good balance between problem-solving and communication skills.

What do you get from us:

  • Good vibe: We are all friends here in siliXcon, and we want to maintain that in the future.
  • Flexible workspace and working hours, fair salary.
  • Dynamic and challenging environment. Opportunity to engage with world-leading electric drive technology.

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