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Advanced Motor Controllers

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We mainly believe in continuous Lean Process Management for highly effective copany processes. Cutting-out inefficiencies is what we strive for.

Power Density

Power Density

silixcon technology is one of the most power dense on the market. Proof instead of promises – try your sample to uncover the real value-added.



No need to develop new HW&FW solutions, choose from the wide range of possibilities to perfectly match your application.

months from concept to solution


We understand the e-Powertrain as a complex unit, no excuses for other components, perfectly working application is our main goal.

Brushless Motor
Controller Experts

Our mission is to provide our customers an outstanding solution in the field of PMSM brushless motor control based on our world’s leading technology. Fast, reliable, from concept down to serial production with the guarantee of high reliability and stability. By shifting the limits of the technological possibilities, we wish to set up the new perception of connecting utility and fun and contribute to building a better and cleaner world.

Brushless Motor Controllers

25kW Motor Controller
SL Controller Series
38 kW/l
500 A
84 V
1250 g
up to25 kW
18 kW Motor Controller
SX Controller Series
30 kW/l
350 A
76 V
700 g
up to18 kW
15kW Motor Controller,
SC Controller Series
45 kW/l
350 A
84 V
550 g
up to15 kW
3kW Motor Controller | siliXcon
AX Controller Series
28 kW/l
70 A
60 V
150 g
up to3 kW

Custom solutions

If the standard product does not match all your requirements, we are always ready to design a solution tailored to your project. We are able to change size, shape, power, voltage, amperage, connectors and other main technical features according to your needs.

Facts & Figures

satisfied customers
satisfied customers
% annual growth
10 000+
devices manufactured annually
ISO certified
hours support guarantee
hours support guarantee
sucessful homologations
sucessful homologations
months from concept to solution
months from concept to solution
week until you get your sample
week until you get your sample
Electric Vehicles


Our advanced Brushless Motor Controllers for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), Brushless DC Electric Motors (BLDC) and IPM Motors offer precise speed and torque control, enhanced safety features, maximum efficiency, and exceptional performance tailored for various e-mobility applications across land, sea, and air. Engineered by our team of experts with a unique blend of engineering prowess and industry knowledge, these state-of-the-art controllers are designed to meet the most demanding power and safety standards.

The siliXcon Motor Controllers provide an elevated user experience with unmatched smoothness and controllability, combining exceptional performance with cutting-edge technology that ensures our customers stay ahead of the curve. From electric vehicles and industrial machinery to marine propulsion systems and specialized equipment, our controllers cater to a growing variety of e-mobility sectors, delivering innovative solutions that drive the future of sustainable transportation and efficient machinery.

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Our main goal is to provide an outstanding technical support for your project. We are agile, quick and effective aiming at the best possible functioning application.