Custom solutions by siliXcon

If you have specific requirements, which differ from our standardised products, no worries, we are always open to discuss details.

Based on our modular approach to both hardware and firmware of the motor controllers we are able to come up with quick solutions.

No costly studies with indefinite results, siliXcon go straight to the point with no bullshit around.

Flexible HW&FW

Leading Power

DTC Control

Advanced HW& FW

Sensor & Sensorless

Sensor Mode

Fast Data

Advanced Data

Complex Analysis

Don’t expect any never-ending and costly feasibility studies, we are able to recommend the most effective way very fast.

Product Development

Development always starts with through technical specification and firmly set milestones, which our customers have under full control.

Implementation Support

Even if you buy our standard product, you can always rely on our advanced technical support. This is what differentiates us from the competition.

Series Production

We take as a big disappointment when the project does not reach high-series production. Therefore we have our processes set to provide lean production with the main focus on the cost effectivity.

Advanced Customer Care

When using our products in high-series, you have always your support engineer at disposal to get everything running smooth very fast.

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