• we worked on special technology which is a part of VISION X concept powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine and electric power (to the rear wheels)
  • World-Wide Technology Presented at the Motor Show 2018 in Geneva
  • the Li-ion battery weighs about ten kilograms, placed under the floor of the trunk and is recharged while driving: during braking and idling, the car turns the kinetic energy into the electricity it charges into the batteries and later uses it to drive
  • research and design in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (we have developed a number of hi-tech academic platforms in order to study the formation of autonomous aerial vehicles)
  • industrial automation (in the course of its own development, PearControl company participated in a number of one-time contracts relating to the automation industry)
  • military stabilized camera platform (for many years, our staff participates on the project of airborne inertially stabilized camera base)