MXM: Revolutionising Motocross with Cutting-Edge Electric Dirt Bike

At siliXcon, we are thrilled to introduce our collaboration with MXM, a dynamic Czech start-up that is transforming the world of motocross with their innovative electric dirt bikes. MXM are backed by an outstanding company HENNLICH s.r.o., supporting the team with the development and production capacities for this new generation of electric dirt bike. As a company dedicated to advancing technology, we are proud to support MXM with our state-of-the-art 25kW Brushless Motor Controller, enhancing the performance and user experience of their groundbreaking bikes.

The Electric Advantage

MXM’s electric dirt bike is designed from the ground up to be electric, ensuring no compromises in performance or enjoyment. Electric power allows riders to focus entirely on the track ahead without worrying about shifting gears or using a clutch. This streamlined approach conserves energy and fully immerses riders in the thrill of motocross.

Advanced Technology and Design


At the heart of MXM’s bike is an advanced electric motor with a primary transmission developed exclusively by MXM. This powertrain provides a smooth and powerful ride, setting a new standard in electric dirt bike performance.

Maximum Torque

Experience instant full torque from zero to maximum RPM, delivering unparalleled acceleration and power right from the start.


The frame is a masterpiece of engineering, featuring high-strength steel with aluminum reinforcement and a custom-developed swingarm. This combination offers exceptional durability and stability, essential for tackling the toughest tracks.


MXM’s bike employs a forced cooling system for all drivetrain components, ensuring peak performance even under the most demanding conditions.


The rear Twin-Shock suspension with unique shim-less valve technology delivers superior ride characteristics. The finely tuned hydraulic and geometric progression eliminates the need for traditional linkage systems, providing a smoother and more responsive ride.

Weight Distribution

Meticulous design has resulted in a bike with the same horizontal center of gravity as modern dirt bikes, with a highly centralized mass. This results in better handling and maneuverability, allowing riders to tackle corners and jumps with ease.


MXM’s bike features intuitive handlebar controls and specially designed bodywork for easier acceleration and braking. Riders can choose between both hand and foot rear brake options, catering to individual preferences and riding styles.

Seamless Integration with the 25 kW Motor Controller

We are excited to announce the implementation of our SL Controller in MXM’s electric dirt bikes. This cutting-edge system enhances the bike’s performance and user interface, and has been integrated with minimal modifications. Experience peak performance with siliXcon’s SL Series 25kW Brushless Motor Controller. Our collaboration with MXM showcases the adaptability and advanced engineering of both our technologies.

Dedicated Team and Final Development Phase

The e-MXM team is fully dedicated and highly motivated, driving the project forward with passion and expertise. With the support of siliXcon, MXM is now in the final stages of development, fine-tuning every aspect of its bike to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and performance. This is the last phase before moving into serial production, bringing their revolutionary electric dirt bike to riders around the world.

Join the Electric Revolution

At siliXcon, we believe in the future of electric motocross. Our collaboration with MXM combines cutting-edge technology, superior engineering, and rider-centric design to deliver an unparalleled riding experience. As MXM approaches the launch of its production model, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey and be part of the electric revolution in motocross.

Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for the release of MXM’s game-changing electric dirt bike. Follow us on our journey and get ready to experience the future of motocross with MXM and siliXcon.

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